Donate Sperm

Help families by donating your time and your genetics.


- Donors do NOT get paid or compensation of any kind. All donors are volunteers.

- No sex or any physical contact. Men here for the wrong reasons would probably be better served by just finding a girlfriend.

- You have no rights or responsibilities for the babies you help with and your name will not be listed on the birth certificate or anywhere except for the donor agreement.


- STD Free (we will verify results)

- Flexible schedule to meet recipients and provide donations with little notice.

- Maturity. 


1. Fill out application below

2. Schedule an interview

3. Meet or talk with recipients that pick your profile

4. Sign donor agreement if selected

5. Donate at our office when recipient gets a positive ovulation test.

6. Donate each month until success. The average american woman tries for 6 months before getting pregnant.