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Donor Profile for Mich

Donor #1001

CitySouth Jordan
EthnicityWhite (Primarily English and Sweedish)
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorBrown
Body TypeAthletic
Std testing statuscomplete with results available
Describe your health historyI have never had any serious health problems
Pictures growing up

Describe your childhoodI grew up with a great family and high standards. I tested as gifted and talented as a child and always did well in school. Started a sales stand at 9, lawn mowing business at 11, programmed websites at 14, full time job at 16, got my first college degree while still in high school.
Education LevelBachelors of Finance from the University of Utah
Employment and professional historyData Management , Stock Broker, Investment software, Real estate Investor, Self Employed
Current Relationship StatusCommitted
Kids:2 kids of my own, Declan 4 and Emeree 5
Family Pictures: 
Describe your lifestyleI eat fresh natural foods (paleo) and cook everything myself. I try to do something active every day and usually rotate between running, lifting, yoga, etc. I work on my businesses and non profit. I try to be social when I can but I like to relax and spend time with my family.
What are your long term goals?I want to build business empires that make a positive difference in the world; Have a great family, Become a senator and build a better world for my kids.
Anything else you would like to share about yourselfI like to listen to podcasts
What is your motivation for becoming a donor?I donate because it has been very fulfilling to help with families over the years. As a father myself, I know how kids can transform lives for the better.
What level of contact would you consider after a successful donation?No contact after conception
Available to be contacted
Available to meet
How long do you plan on being a donor?20 years
Can we make your donor profile public?Yes
Number of successful pregnancies from donationsMany
Pictures of babies you have donated for (authorized)

(brother and sister both from Mich)