Process Overview

We are different then most fertility service providers. Check out the additional sections of our web site to find out more about how everything works:
Sperm Banks

Submit your info so we know more about you and the kind of donor your looking for.

Phone Call
A quick phone call will allow us to answer any questions you may have and also schedule a time for a consultation at our office.
In Office Consultation
We will meet in person at our office in South Jordan and discuss your situation, how we can help and plan next steps

Review Donor Profiles
You will get access to all donor profiles and their personal details. The profiles are very detailed and will help you decide who to talk to or meet.

Meet Donors
You get the opportunity to meet various donors and ask questions before you make a decision. Meeting someone in person is far more informative then a picture and profile.

Select Donor
Let us know what donor you want to use. (Donors are volunteers and must agree to help as well)

Sign Donor agreement
You and your donor will each sign and receive a copy of the donor agreement that specifies that the recipient has all the rights and responsibilities and the donor has none.

Estimate Fertile Days
Track your cycle and let us know when your period starts and when you expect to ovulate.

Ovulation Testing
Get ovulation tests and take one each day starting a couple days before your expected ovulation date. When you get a positive ovulation test, write the date and time on it and text or email us the picture. (sometimes they can look close). When your ovulation tests turn positive, you would need to schedule and pick up the donation same day OR the next day (your two most fertile days)

Pick up Donation
Your donor will arrive at our office 30 min before you do and will donate in a softcup in our restroom and then leave. You would go in right after and insert the softcup or use a syringe

Repeat each month until you get pregnant
Although you can get pregnant of the first try, the average woman in America takes 6 months of trying to get pregnant. Continue to track your cycle, and take ovulation tests prior to your expected ovulation date and let us know when they turn positive

Enjoy your Pregnancy


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