Donate Money

Please help women and couples build families in Utah.

Most reproductive service providers charge thousands of dollars to help with families. We dont charge our recipients anything, but we still have similar operating costs. Your support will truly make a difference for dozens of families each month.

Why we need your support:

We need money to hire additional staff
We have a growing number of participants and need a capable dedicated paid staff to service everyone and maintain orderly operations 

We need money to expand our facility
We started in a small office, but we need to move to a larger medical space to better serve our recipients

We need money to expand our service capabilities
We currently refer all testing and healthcare related services to outside 3rd party providers and would like to provide some of these ourself

We need money for additional equipment
Microscope for semen analysis
Cryogenic freezer for long term sperm preservation

Your Donation will help families achieve their dreams.

Donations are completed through Paypal's secure site. A Paypal account is not required for a quick credit card donation

Utah Sperm Donor is a non-profit organization. Contributions may or may not be tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor regarding specific questions about your deductions.